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Autopilot Installation

As I write this at the beginning of August, 84R is finally getting a new autopilot, a Garmin GFC500.  Garmin certified its autopilot for the 182RG in early Fall 2019, but due to the number of owners rushing to get their planes compliant with the FAA’s January 1, 2020, ADS-B mandate, there wasn’t an avionics shop in sight with the time to schedule anything but ADS-B work.  The backlog of work continued into 2020.

The autopilot installation should be done about mid-August, barring any unforeseen complications, and after a brief check-out period will be available for general club pilot use.  The GFC500 installation for 84R will include all the normal autopilot features minus the yaw damper (YD), plus yoke-mounted electric trim, AP Disconnect and GA (Go-Around) controls.

Pilots not familiar with the operation of the GFC500 autopilot should review two Garmin manuals in the Useful Documents section of this site, Garmin GFC500 Autopilot Flight Manual Supplement and Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instrument Pilot’s Guide.  Garmin has tightly integrated operation of the autopilot with the G5 flight instrument displays, so much of the autopilot operation can be controlled on the G5.  Those functions are described in the G5 manual.  The flight manual supplement includes more detailed descriptions of the autopilot operation as well as information on the autopilot specific to the 182RG.