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Too Much of a Good Thing

In my previous post, Leaning Redux, I wrote about the importance of leaning after engine start and prior to take-off, and I referred to an old article describing how to lean during run-up.  I mentioned that a Plus One pilot had abandoned a flight due to an incorrectly interpreted RPM drop during the mag check.  The […]

Leaning Redux

It’s evidently time to revisit a topic I wrote about almost nine years ago–the importance of leaning the fuel mixture and when it is important.  A Plus One pilot recently elected not to fly because of unwarranted concern due to RPM drop during run-up. All pilots learn that they should lean the fuel mixture for […]

Panel upgraded with two Garmin G5 displays

N1784R moved further into the digital age earlier this year with the installation of two Garmin G5 “glass” displays.  The first G5 functions as a Primary Flight Display, including an attitude indicator, a slip/skid and rate of turn indicator, current magnetic track, a rolling airspeed tape with the current airspeed in the center of the […]