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Autopilot Installation

As I write this at the beginning of August, 84R is finally getting a new autopilot, a Garmin GFC500.  Garmin certified its autopilot for the 182RG in early Fall 2019, but due to the number of owners rushing to get their planes compliant with the FAA’s January 1, 2020, ADS-B mandate, there wasn’t an avionics shop […]

Miscellaneous Notes, Aircraft Type-ID and ATC Clearances

84R has been flying a lot since coming back on-line with new fuel bladders at the end of June, partly due to the misfortunes of 756RA six months ago that made 84R until just this week the only flyable 182RG in the fleet.  Thank you to all the pilots who’ve flown 84R this summer and […]

Back with New Fuel Tanks

84R is finally back on-line after waiting a long time to have new fuel bladders installed.  Leaks in the old bladders were discovered while the plane was down because the rebuilt landing gear hydraulic pump motor was found to be faulty.  We couldn’t get another motor for several weeks, so we sent the “new,” but […]